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Fodder is an immersive food experience produced and developed by experience designer Misha Volf and chef Aimee Hunter.


Fascinated by the perceptual disconnect between the production and consumption of meat, Misha wanted to address the issue by bringing agricultural production literally to the table. Fodder is an attempt to make this gap a bit a smaller. 


Aimee is a culinary veteran who has been cooking at various venues in New York and L.A. for many years. Back in 2011, as a co-founder of the High Society Dining Club, she was listed by Flavorwire as a pop-up restaurant pioneer. She's been hosting events small and large ever since.


Together, the duo aims to please and to provoke. If eating, as Wendell Berry says, is indeed an agricultural act, as advocates of a sustainable food system we have an ethical responsibility to know what our farm animals are fed.

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