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A pop-up restaurant where

feed and food

come together.


know your meat.


Page 1 Berry

“Eating is an agricultural act.”

— Wendell Berry

What and how we eat is intimately connected to how our food is made. To participate in this cycle fully, knowing where our food comes from and how it is produced is essential.


This is especially true for meat, since knowing how farm animals are raised leads to better decisions about the health of our bodies and the sustainability of the planet.

Page 2 - Pollan

“You are what what you eat eats.”

— Michael Pollan

Driven by curious minds and palates, Chef Aimee Hunter and Designer Misha Volf teamed up to produce an educational, gourmet pop-up event. 


The meal offers diners a unique window into the lives of farm animals with dishes based on the ingredients in their feed.


While the menu is provocative, it is also beautifully prepared, delectable, and enlightening.

“I would suggest to change the term ‘consumer’ into co-producer’, ... a part of a production machine.”


— Carlo Petrini, Slow Food Founder


To bring us closer to where our meat comes from, each meal is served in a beautifully rustic, communal feeding basin designed specifically for the event. The basin prompts a feeling of recognition between our fellow eaters and animals.


This meal has no utensils, and since eaters will use their hands to eat, each dish is designed to accommodate manual eating.

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